Import Cars from Japan - Process

1- If you are looking to import a car from Japan give us a call or drop us an email with the following details

  • Name and contact number
  • Your maximum budget 
  • Car model and Year
  • How soon do you want to import.

2- Pay our $999 brokerage fee per vehicle which includes Gst.  This fee is partially refunded if we are unable to find you a car you like or you have found another car somewhere else prior to purchasing a car in Japan.

3-We find the best car out there for you in Japan for your budget and check for any rust or damages before the auction day. Once you have confirmed the car we bid for the car on your-behalf. If your bid is too low and we miss out on the car. We go through the same process all over again until you find the right one for your budget

4-Pay the FOB- Freight on board price for the car in Japan ( includes purchase price of the car and all costs to get it onto a ship)

5- Once the car reaches the ports pay for shipping charges, customs duty, gst, quarantine Fees, port charges, steam cleaning etc.

 6 -  Pick up the car straight from the compliance workshop once the compliance is done and pay the remaining compliance fee straight to the workshop. 

Alternatively we can arrange to get the car delivered to your doorstep or arrange transport interstate for an additional charge.

The whole process can take approximately 6-7 weeks from the date the car leaves the ports from Japan. Patience is key when you import cars from Japan to Australia as you not only get to save some serious dollars but also get to pick a car you always wanted.